Marriage Chest Panel with Couple, France, early 16th century

Marriage Chest Panel with Couple

Marriage Chest Panel with Couple

Walnut and iron
France, early 16th century


53 cm; 1 ft. 9 in.
157.2 cm; 5 ft. 2 in.
8.8 cm; 3½ in.


Private collection, United Kingdom

This superb walnut panel from the front of a marriage chest shows newlyweds happy in their youth and shouting at each other in their old age. A flute playing centaur can be seen beneath the cental lock with imp faces set in the spandrels and rosary beads decorating the columns. Of french origin and dating from the early 16th century, this late gothic work, carved with great flamboyance, survives with the most beautiful deep rich brown patina. A collection label on the reverse reads: ‘Collection Boy Versailles'. A whimsical take on the trials and tribulations of married life, a strikingly similar chest may be seen in the Louvre (see image above).

This object has been fitted with museum quality mounts to the reverse which allow it to be hung like a painting on any wall.

SOLD: Private collection, United States