Christ Child Blessing, Flemish, Mechelen, early 16th century

Christ Child Blessing

Christ Child Blessing

Walnut, with original polychrome and gilding
Flemish, Mechelen, early 16th century


With base

30.7 cm; 1 ft.

Without base

28 cm; 11 in.


Private collection, Spain

This beautiful small sculpture, carved in the round with its original polychrome and gilding, depicts the nude Christ Child blessing, his right hand raised in the traditional movement, his left holding a golden globe. Designed for a frontal viewpoint and mounted on a modern base, he stands in contrapposto, his left foot drawn back, gazing towards the devotional viewer. With rounded face, high forehead and rosy cheeks, his small mouth and lips reveal a slight smile. This fine carving displays the typical stylistic characteristics of the early 16th century Mechelen school, especially in the depiction of the curled hair with its 'skull cap' or 'hat' like coiffure and the distinctive physiognomy with rounded belly and thighs and thick squat proportions.

SOLD: Private collection, United States