Fond de Fleurs, Flemish, mid 16th century

Fond de Fleurs

Fond de Fleurs

Wool and silk
Flemish, mid 16th century


265 cm; 8 ft. 8⅓ in.
185 cm; 6 ft. ⅘ in.


Private collection, Belgium

This very beautiful 'Fond de fleurs' tapestry with large leaves shows in its centre a blue medallion decorated with fruits and flowers. The composition is animated with birds and rabbits. A large yellow border decorated with masks, volutes, garlands of flowers and fruits frames the central field.

This tapestry is part of the Flemish tradition of vegetable patterned works, the production of which commenced during the late 15th century with the 'Millefleurs' compositions and continued until the late 16th century with the 'Feuilles de choux' tapestries. The 'Fond de fleurs' tapestries, of which the present work is an exceptional example, may be seen as the 'bridge' between these two styles and periods.